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BERNADIA SUCISAKTI profiles : Talented student

Talk about talented student,
I have a friend that has joined a student talented contest in Jenderal Soeirman University as a participants from japanese literature program. Her name is Berndia sucisakti. she was born in Tanggerang on April, 04 1997. Actually she did not expect that she is to be representative of her program because the lecturer choose her without talk to her first. one day before the day of the contrest begin the lecturer sent her text that she could be representative of japanese literature program.

"what a suprise" she said it when she gets the text from her lecturer.

But for her it's not a big deal for her because the genius is always has own way. The lecturer choose her of course by some reason. first she is good in english and also she ever getting achievement as a winner in english debate contest when she was in senior high school and some sertificate in english subject. it is why she agreed without complain why she is to be the representative. she …

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